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QuantaFlo® is our flagship solution that allows providers to test for early signs of peripheral arterial disease (PAD) and heart dysfunction (HD) in clinical or home settings in a matter of minutes using a compatible device.

QuantaFlo test on laptop and tablet with sensor and whistle
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Doctor reviewing QuantaFlo test results on tablet

An innovative suite of products and services

QuantaFlo gives providers the opportunity to improve patient outcomes and lower operating costs by providing fast, accurate test results for chronic diseases directly at the point of care in a matter of minutes.

Our QuantaFlo application runs on Windows, Android, and iOS for tablets and mobile, and can be integrated with enterprise-level data management systems (EMRs). Combined with the high portability of our solution, this means less time in front of a device, and more time spent caring for patients

How does QuantaFlo work?

Learn more about our Peripheral Arterial Disease (PAD) and Heart Dysfunction (HD) testing modules below

When paired with one of our sensors, our QuantaFlo PAD test analyzes patient arterial blood flow using volume plethysmography. Waveforms are presented visually for users as sensors are connected to patient digits. On-screen instructions guide users easily through the PAD testing process, and analysis from the application will notify users of any adjustments required to achieve the optimal signal quality. Results with actionable insights are available in under 5 minutes.

Doctor performing QuantaFlo PAD test on patient
Laptop with QuantaFlo PAD test and sensor

QuantaFlo PAD Advantages

Highly portable and easy to use – only a sensor and a single mobile device are required to run the QuantaFlo PAD module
Sensors are compatible with a wider range of patients, including those with non-compressible, calcified arteries
Detects earliest stages of atherosclerosis and all stages of PAD, providing insight into disease progression and severity
Results are supported by peer-reviewed research and publications

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Our QuantaFlo HD module tests patients for heart dysfunction by measuring blood flow volume changes with a sensor while the patient uses a whistle to simulate forced expiration (Valsalva maneuver). On-screen instructions within the module guide users through the testing process, including ensuring that patients are producing sufficient airflow to yield accurate test results. Results are generally available in under 5 minutes.

Doctor performing HD test on patient
Laptop and tablet with HD test results and sensor

QuantaFlo HD Advantages

Rapid, inexpensive point-of-care testing with high sensitivity and specificity
Uses the common Valsalva maneuver combined with QuantaFlo technology
Accurately detects the presence of cardiac dysfunction with reduced or preserved left ventricular ejection fraction
Allows for reliable stratification to echocardiology

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Additional Services

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A robust, scalable EMR integration engine for healthcare data exchange that can be customized to the unique needs of your enterprise. SemlerConnect is compatible with nearly all healthcare data standards and protocols.


A secure web portal that allows customers view and/or download test reports posted stored on Semler’s servers.


A robust, three-tiered analytics package to empower your decision-making in clinical, operational, and financial settings. All tiers are available 30 days post go live.

Federated Login

Our technical team is able to integrate our SemlerShield cloud services with existing enterprise credentials to reduce the number of different logins users are required to enter before performing a QuantaFlo test.


Semler Scientific provides a simulation training as part of our accredited Certificate Training Program for all customers. We also offer live sessions with our experienced Semler Educators to further enhance learning.


Dr. Long is a retired vascular surgeon and serves as Semler Scientific’s in-house medical director.
His wealth of knowledge and experience have helped guide the development of our QuantaFlo solution into what it is today.

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Discover the hidden threats of chronic diseases with QuantaFlo